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Meet Allison Palhegyi, the Manager of Clinical Operations at Advocate Children’s Hospital-Oak Lawn. Through her remarkable advocacy, love for community, and leadership skills, she has been nominated for the class of 2023 Illinois Nurses Foundation 40 Under 40 Emerging Nurse Leaders Award. Designed to highlight young nurses that are making a lasting difference in the healthcare industry, this award celebrates those who shape the future of nursing.

Allison Palhegyi: Empowering Excellence in Pediatric Emergency Care

Exceptional leadership in healthcare is the cornerstone of delivering quality patient care and fostering professional growth among medical staff. One individual who embodies this spirit of leadership is Allison Palhegyi, the Manager of Clinical Operations for the Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) at Advocate Children’s Hospital—Oak Lawn. Her dedication, mentorship, and commitment to enhancing patient outcomes make her a deserving nominee for the prestigious ANA 40 Under 40 Award.

A Pioneer in Pediatric Emergency Care

Allison Palhegyi’s journey as a nursing leader began in 2013 when she assumed the role of Assistant Clinical Manager. Over the years, she has cultivated an environment of mentorship, where she has guided numerous nurses, technicians, and ancillary staff to reach their fullest potential. Recognizing the importance of professional growth, Allison serves as an advocate for her team, providing them with resources and valuable feedback to nurture their careers in nursing.

Allison’s leadership in pediatric emergency care is underlined by her role as a Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse. Her 14-year nursing experience equipped her with a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities in the field. Her commitment to excellence prompted her to pursue a master’s degree in Nursing Leadership from Chamberlain University, further enhancing her capabilities as a trailblazer in the healthcare landscape.

A Patient Advocate of Remarkable Impact

Allison Palhegyi’s impact extends far beyond her title. As a Sepsis Champion and Sepsis Lead for the hospital Sepsis Committee, Allison played a pivotal role in creating the pediatric sepsis pathway and implementing practice changes in the Pediatric Emergency Department. Her dedication led to an exceptional screening rate of over 98% for pediatric sepsis cases—a testament to her unwavering commitment to optimal patient care.

A Visionary of Improvement

Allison’s contributions to quality improvement are undeniable. Serving as the Pediatric Quality Coordinator for the PED, she participated in regional quality enhancement initiatives, driving improvements across six emergency medical services systems. Her initiatives, including process audits and data collection, have led to enhanced nursing practices and significantly improved patient outcomes.

Current projects reflect Allison’s commitment to continuous improvement. Leading the re-design of the patient waiting room and Fast-Track area demonstrates her dedication to enhancing efficiency and patient flow. Additionally, she’s assembling a team to address ED and hospital throughput, with a focus on reducing patient attrition and decreasing ED length of stay for admitted patients awaiting bed placement—a testament to her proactive and solution-oriented approach.

A Heart for Community Impact

Allison’s leadership isn’t confined to the hospital setting. She actively participates in community events through the Children’s Hospital, painting schools, cultivating gardens, and providing meals to those in need. Her eagerness to lend a helping hand showcases her compassionate and empathetic nature, reinforcing her commitment to making a positive impact beyond healthcare’s walls.

Allison Palhegyi: A Leader of Unparalleled Character

Allison Palhegyi is not just a leader, but an inspiration. Her transparent, empathetic, and intent-driven leadership style bridges the gap between frontline nursing and administration. Her relentless pursuit of self-improvement and her dedication to her team’s growth has resulted in a harmonious blend of leadership and compassion.

Congratulations to Allison Palhegyi and Advocate Children’s Hospital-Oak Lawn for this prestigious honor! The Illinois Nurses Foundation 40 Under 40 Award for Emerging Nurse Leaders is proven to open career doors for its recipients. INF is proud to celebrate nurses like Allison who have made a lasting impact in the healthcare industry. 

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