Anne Zimmerman Fellowship


The purpose of the Anne Zimmerman Fellowship is to promote excellence in leadership within the ANA-Illinois.

The award recipient will be supported in achieving his/her personal leadership goals, as outlined in his/her Fellowship proposal (see Application Process section), through mentorship and funding. These leadership goals can include opportunities such as: a structured project, symposium attendance, nursing research, community activity participation or other activities that demonstrate leadership by the candidate.


Anne Zimmerman served the historic Illinois Nurses Association (INA), recently restructured under the name of ANA-Illinois (ANA-IL), in many roles. She was the Executive Director of INA from 1954-1981 and President of the American Nurses Association (ANA) from 1976-1978. She was one of a select handful of courageous women and men who, over the last 60 years, transformed Nursing to a respected profession. In 1997, Mrs. Zimmerman’s immense contribution to her profession was recognized by the American Academy of Nursing when it named her one of its “Living Legends.” After her service with the ANA, she went on to become a founding member of the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice. Anne’s leadership in representing nurses and her outstanding collaborative management skills fostered growth at the historic INA. To honor Anne Zimmerman’s memory and keep alive her spirit of commitment to promoting leadership within nursing associations, the Anne Zimmerman Fellowship was created. The first Anne Zimmerman Fellowship was awarded in 2005. This fellowship continues to be supported by the ANA-IL and is funded by Illinois Nurses Foundation (INF).

Application Process:

  • Provide a personal statement which includes the following:
    • Leadership experiences in both the ANA/ANA-IL or SNAI and related Nursing and healthcare organization and/or community activities,
    • Commitment and aspiration for future leadership responsibilities within Nursing and healthcare,
  • Provide two (2) letters of recommendation that demonstrate the candidate’s leadership skills including leadership within the ANA/ANA-IL and/or SNAI and related Nursing or community activities, commitment to Nursing and the ANA-IL, and the capacity to contribute to ANA-IL’s mission and strategic plan,
  • Provide a typed proposal, maximum of five (5) pages, that addresses the following:
    • A focus area that is congruent with ANA-IL’s Strategic Plan
    • Background and context for selection of the focus area
    • Goals and objectives


The candidate for the Fellowship shall:

  • Have current membership in ANA-IL,
  • Have demonstrated leadership in the ANA-IL OR in the Student Nurses Association of Illinois (SNAI),
  • Have demonstrated leadership in related Nursing or community activities, and/or aspire to greater leadership responsibility within the ANA-IL

Amount of Funding

To be determined by the INF Board pending review of the proposal.

Please submit applications to INF at the following address by March 15:

Illinois Nurses Foundation
PO Box 636
Manteno, IL 60950

Additional Notes

1. The INF Board will assign a leadership mentor to the award recipient within three (3) months of the Fellowship being granted.

2. The award recipient will have fifteen (15) months to complete the objectives outlined in his/her proposal.

3. Within three (3) months of the completion of the Fellowship, the award recipient is required to write an article summarizing his/her activities, which will be published in The Nursing Voice, the INF quarterly publication.

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