A Donor Bill of Rights

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For several thousand years, philanthropy has provided opportunities for people to show concern and compassion for their fellow man through charitable giving.

Philanthropy allows the expression of the desire to promote the welfare of others and to promote positive change in society. The Illinois Nurses Foundation (INF) exists to allow Illinois nurses the opportunity to give economic value and power to their values of caring, concern and compassion.

The INF collaborates with community partners to promote the health of the pubic by supporting nurses through charitable, research, and educational initiatives. The Foundation provides funding for nursing scholarships and scholarly initiatives that advances the nursing profession and promotes the health of people. The work of the Foundation is accomplished through procuring grants and endowments from private foundations, corporate sponsors, government agencies, and individuals.

At its February 2014 board meeting, the INF Board of Directors discussed and adopted the Donor’s Bill of Rights (document below). This document was created by a group of professional fund raising organizations to ensure the respect and trust of donors and prospective donors. The INF Board agreed to adhere to the principles stated in the document in order to ensure that our donor’s intents are respected and honored. Know that your donations will always be appreciated and their intent respected!

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