Illinois 40 Under 40 Emerging Nurse Leaders Award Winner Highlight: Karla Echeverria

Karla Echeverria, a Registered Nurse for Advocate Suburban Hospital. She has been nominated for the class of 2023 Illinois Nurses Foundation 40 Under 40 Emerging Nurse Leaders Award. Designed to highlight young nurses who are making a lasting difference in the healthcare industry, this award celebrates those who shape the future of nursing

Karla Echeverria: A Nurse on a Mission to Transform Healthcare and Advocate for Children

In a world where leadership and compassion intertwine, there are individuals like Karla Echeverria who stand out as beacons of hope and inspiration. Echeverria’s unwavering dedication to the nursing profession and her tireless advocacy for children with epilepsy and autism have earned her a nomination for the prestigious 40 under 40 Emerging Leader Award. Her journey, characterized by selflessness, education, and advocacy, is a testament to the profound impact one person can make in the field of healthcare.

A Passion for Caring

Karla Echeverria’s journey into nursing was not just a career choice; it was a calling driven by her innate passion for caring for others. Her experiences as a mother with a child who has epilepsy and autism ignited a fire within her to not only be an advocate for her son but also to extend her support to children everywhere facing similar challenges. This commitment to making a difference set her on a remarkable path.

As a nurse, Ms. Echeverria took the initiative to delve deeper into the world of epilepsy and autism. She dedicated herself to researching these disorders and sharing her knowledge on various platforms. Her efforts extended beyond the hospital walls; she visited schools to educate children about seizures and how to support a friend experiencing one. Karla’s commitment to raising awareness and advocating for early recognition of these childhood disorders demonstrates her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children and their families.

A Commitment to Education and Mentorship

Education is a cornerstone of Karla Echeverria’s career. Not only does she pursue lifelong learning, but she also eagerly shares her knowledge with others. Colleagues and nursing students alike turn to her as the “go-to nurse” for guidance and mentorship. She actively contributes to her professional development by attending conferences and staying updated on evidence-based practices. Her recent enrollment in a Bachelor of Nursing program at Chamberlain College of Nursing underscores her dedication to advancing her skills and knowledge.

Leadership in Action

Karla’s leadership skills shine through in her role as a member of safety committees at her workplace, where she consistently advocates for improved patient outcomes through evidence-based practices. She champions the cause of safe nurse-patient ratios and is currently working on a proposal to make it a policy. Her leadership extends beyond the hospital, as she plays an integral role in nursing shared governance, working towards better healthcare practices for the community.

Karla Echeverria’s impact extends far beyond her workplace. She actively represents the nursing profession in various communities, including her role as Co-chair of the Community Outreach Committee for the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. Her volunteer efforts, from food and toy drives to mass vaccination clinics, reflect her commitment to improving access to care and promoting healthcare equity.

Karla Echeverria: Champion of Mentorship and Selflessness

Karla Echeverria’s journey through nursing is a testament to the transformative power of compassion, education, and advocacy. Her dedication to improving the lives of children with epilepsy and autism, her commitment to education and mentorship, and her leadership in healthcare make her a deserving nominee for the 40 under 40 Emerging Leader Award. Ms. Echeverria’s work is not just a career; it is a lifelong mission to create positive change in the world of nursing and healthcare.

Congratulations to Karla Echeverria and Advocate Suburban Hospital for this prestigious honor! The Illinois Nurses Foundation 40 Under 40 Award for Emerging Nurse Leaders is proven to open career doors for its recipients. INF is proud to celebrate nurses like Karla who have made a lasting impact in the healthcare industry. 

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