Illinois 40 Under 40 Emerging Nurse Leaders Award Winner Highlight: Lisell Zuniga

Lisell Zuniga is a Health Services Administrator at Valley View 365. As a previous Certified School Nurse, she has a passion for healthcare in the education system. She has been nominated for the class of 2023 Illinois Nurses Foundation 40 Under 40 Emerging Nurse Leaders Award. Designed to highlight young nurses that are making a lasting difference in the healthcare industry, this award celebrates those who shape the future of nursing.

Lisell Zuniga: A Shining Star in School Nursing and Health Services Administration

In nursing, some exceptional individuals go above and beyond, embodying the true essence of compassionate care, continuous learning, and transformative leadership. Lisell’s passion for learning extends beyond her professional responsibilities. She actively seeks opportunities for professional development and readily shares this knowledge with her fellow nurses. Her dedication to personal growth and her eagerness to educate others demonstrate her commitment to elevating nursing.

A Transformational Leader

Lisell’s journey in nursing has been marked by her commitment to excellence and evidence-based practice (EBP). As a Health Services Administrator, she constantly seeks the most effective ways to work within the school system, incorporating EBP into her role to ensure the best possible care for her students.

In her role as a leader, Lisell not only listens to her team but also actively supports and mentors her colleagues. Her willingness to seek answers from fellow school nurses/consultants when encountering challenges showcases her humility and dedication to finding the best solutions.

Championing School Nursing and Advocacy

Lisell is a nursing advocate within the school community and among non-nursing staff. She educates others about the specialty of school nursing, emphasizing its critical role in supporting students’ health and well-being. Her dedication to promoting nursing extends to encouraging her peers to develop as leaders.

Lisell’s involvement in professional organizations like the National Association of School Nurses and Illinois Association of School Nurses underlines her commitment to staying updated on current laws, regulations, and best practices. Attending annual conferences further enables her to remain at the forefront of school nursing.

Making an Impact on the Community

Outside her professional commitments, Lisell has actively engaged with her community through camp nursing and participation in community events. Her involvement in community affairs, networking with resources, and updating COVID-19 policies reflect her commitment to ensuring the well-being of students and their families.

Lisell Zuniga: A Nurse to Admire

Lisell is genuinely a nurse to admire and emulate. Her love for her work, caring demeanor, and vast knowledge exemplify the essence of nursing. As a mentor and educator, she is crucial in advancing nursing by nurturing future leaders and advocating for equitable healthcare. Lisell’s contributions to the school community, the nursing profession, and her presence as a professional nurse in her community all contribute to the betterment of healthcare and the lives of those she serves.

Congratulations to Lisell Zuniga and Valley View 365 for this prestigious honor! The Illinois Nurses Foundation 40 Under 40 Award for Emerging Nurse Leaders is proven to open career doors for its recipients. INF is proud to celebrate nurses like Lisell who have made a lasting impact in the healthcare industry. 

For more information on the INF 40 Under 40 Award Ceremony, click this link.

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